Happy November!

Thank you, friends!!! Because you have shared the Write Profile page and prompts, we now have readership and participation from 23 countries across 4 continents! I am so happy to see such a variety of young people submitting their words and ideas.

We are trying something new in December. Any author 12 years old and younger is welcome to submit a piece of prose or verse that answers the following prompt:

“Our elders can inspire us …”

We will post each piece on The Write Profile website AND include some of these words inside holiday cards to be distributed to local elder care facilities.

We kindly ask that 1) each author submit their piece through their parent or guardian, 2) each author submit only one piece, 3) no piece exceed 300 words, and 4) the content and/or theme of each piece remain appropriate for a young audience. Pieces will not be edited by The Write Profile, and other writers and readers will be able to enjoy the pieces but will not be able to comment on them. Authors will be identified by first name and age. Please submit work by Monday, November 30 to info@thewriteprofile.com. Please include the author’s first name and age.

We know that putting thoughts into words can help young people develop self-expression and reduce stress levels. Moreover, publishing a young person’s work can motivate them and their peers to continue a pursuit of creative and academic excellence. And maybe we can cheer up some people who have been affected by many months of isolation. Thank you, again!  😊

Young Writers Spotlight

Thank you to all who contributed to our November Young Writers Spotlight! Your responses to the prompt “The world needs …” were incredible. The different ways you all addressed the prompt will speak to so many of our readers, which now span 22 countries across 4 continents!

I hope you all continue to see writing as a way to learn more about yourself, sharpen your self-expression and teach others. More importantly, I hope you continue to celebrate what makes you unique and valuable. For that reason, I did not change any piece in any way. Enjoy the work of your fellow authors, check your email for your certificates and see you in one month. (December’s topic will be posted on Wednesday!)

Finally, I hope the rest of you can make time to read through all of the following poems and essays. They really are inspiring. Feel free to share this page so that these words may be enjoyed by many. May we all help to build up the vital resource that is youth.

— Elizabeth Allison, The Write Profile

“The World Needs …”

by Caitlin, age 7

The world needs people to stop throwing plastic on the floor,  

The world needs people to help the poor. 

The world needs people to stop cutting down trees, 

The world needs people to look after the bees. 

The world needs people to save the rainforests, 

The world needs people to stop lying and be honest. 

The world needs people to be kind, 

The world needs people to have a good mind. 

The world needs people to help others, 

The world needs babies to have kind mothers. 

“The World Needs Me”

by Victoria, age 9

The world needs me

Because I care about the world

I care about the earth

I want it to be green

I care about the water

I want it to be clear

I care about the air

I want it to be clean

The world needs me

Because I care about the people in it

I care about the people who look like me

And the people who don’t look like me

I wish everyone could have a place to live

I wish everyone could have enough to eat

I want everyone to be happy

I want everyone to not be afraid

The world needs me

Because I care

“More of This”

by Sophia, age 12

Photo by Rebecca Zaal from Pexels

More laughing with our friends

And whispering our crazy secrets on the benches

More listening to our teachers

Who push us nicely into good decisions

More respect for Earth

It must take care of billions

Even me and you

Less moping, yelling, and polluting

More laughing, listening, and respecting

The world needs all of this

“More Fun and Less Work”

by Bradley, age 12

The world needs less work and more play

Imagine how much happier people would be at the end of the day?

The world needs less worrying about who has more money

I would rather hang with people who are funny.

The world needs longer weekends and more fun

Because there will always be work that adults need to get done.

The world needs more games and more sports in the field

If we learned to play together our problems would be healed.

“The World Needs …”

by Ashley, age 8

The world needs more trees and panda bears. We need more trees because they produce oxygen so we can breathe. Some trees even grow fruit for people to eat. They also produce nutrients. In the book The Lorax the Once-ler cut down all the trees and the air went bad because the trees weren’t around anymore to help the environment.

The world needs more panda bears, too. Pandas are big and cute but they help us too. They like to eat bamboo and when they eat it, they spread seeds everywhere and that helps more bamboo plants grow in the forests. Forests are good because they produce life and forests are animals home so we need to take care of them.


Cassie, age 8

The world needs more heroes I think. But not the kind you see on tv. The kind you see in real life. The world needs people who do not let people bully other people. Who stop them and tell them they are wrong. Sometimes it’s hard telling a bully no. That is why you need to be a hero. The world needs people who can work on technology that help our planet and the people on it. Scientists who can make things so they don’t pollute and vaccines that cure diseases. You need to go to college for a long time to learn how to do that but that is why you are a hero to go through all that work. The world needs people who are kind to animals. You can be a veterinarian or just rescue an animal to show you care about them and be a hero. The world needs different kinds of heroes for sure. Be a hero!


by Aubrey, age 11

The world needs …

Music, movies, and dancing that make life fun

Only laughter and no name calling

Real friends who accept everyone the way you are

Everyone to take care of each other

Lots of bright flowers, tall trees, and green parks

Our voices to sing loud and strong instead of yelling

Very few diseases and sadness that it causes

Education so we can be smart and help our world

The world needs M.O.R.E.L.O.V.E.

“The World Needs More Good People”

by Thomas, age 8

The world needs more good people. We need people who are not doing whatever they want because they think that only what they know is right. We need leaders who actually listen to scientists and not to other bad leaders. We need people who want to protect older people. It shows you are a responsible person. We need people who do not complain about being uncomfortable. Even if something is not what you want it is responsible to think about other people’s lives. Would you rather do whatever you want or save a life? The world needs people who are not selfish.

“More Holidays!”

by Olivia, age 9

More holidays would create more happiness.

More decorations

More presents

More giving

More smiles

More days off

More parties and get-togethers with friends and cousins and family you don’t see very much.

More chances to dress up and pretend to be something else.

More screaming and running just in fun

More chances to enjoy feasting and say thank you.

That’s what the world needs.

(Thank you!)

“What the World Needs Less Of”

by Tracie, age 11

“Winter Scene in Moonlight,” Henry Farrer

The world needs less disease

Less people sick and sad, please

The world needs less disrespect for our older generation

Less people who are homeless, even in our nation

The world needs less polluting of fields, forests, and lakes

Less people wondering what they can take

The world needs less people judging other races

Less people looking only at one anothers faces

The world needs less fighting, pushing, and shoving

The world needs much more loving.


by Carmela, age 10

The world needs young people to help us in the future and old people to help us with their experience from the past. The world needs teachers to help us learn and parents to help us be good people. The world needs singers to make songs that make us happy and dance and doctors and nurses to keep us healthy. The world needs computer game designers to make us entertained and surgeons to help us heal when we are not doing so good. The world needs sports athletes to help us relax on the weekend and librarians to help us think during the week. The world needs writers to tell stories and help us use our imaginations and builders to help us live in strong buildings. The world needs artists that make beauty and garbage men and electricity workers to keep our streets clean and lighted. Basically, the world needs everyone!

“The Reset”

by J.R., age 12

The world could probably use a reset. Not like when the meteors wiped out the dinosaurs, but a reset to help it get back on its feet. Soon some of us will become teenagers into a world that has improved but it also still needs a lot of fixing. We are lucky to live with amazing medicine and technology that can help keep us safe and live longer, but then we pollute the planet and damage our air which does not help us live healthy or longer. So maybe we could go back to before we built cars and factories and make them so they do not damage the air that kids breath in. It would be great to go back to before we lost some animals forever. They are never coming back. It would be wonderful to go back to before there was slavery and make sure that all people are free. I really do like my life on this world, but a reset would make it more perfect for everyone.

“The World Needs …”

by Emma, age 10

The world needs more bubbles

The bigger the better

The world needs more music

The louder the better

The world needs more laughing

The longer the better

The world needs more books

The thicker the better

The world needs more mountains

The higher the better

The world needs more waterfalls

The splashier the better

The world needs more rainbows

The brighter the better

“What the World Needs”

by Jayne, age 7

I think the world needs to be nicer. And not fight with each other. We should pick up trash when we ride our bike. And smile at the store. And not complain. We can go to space so we can do a lot on this planet. We should work together. That is what the world needs.

“A New Superhero”

by Sam, age 9

The world needs a new superhero. His powers should make the weekend longer! He could make all food and houses free for every person. He could fly into the sky with a depollutinator and clean up the air so the ice stops melting. He could swim through the ocean with a giant skimmer and clean up all the trash. The fish and otters would live better. He could make cars fly so there is no more car crashes. He could spin so fast that he could make energy to run houses. We need a new superhero. What would we call him?

“The World Needs to Take Care”

by Carrie, age 8

The world needs to take care of the people who live on the street

Cardboard is not a house at all

The world needs to take care of old people who live a long time

They need visits and company

The world needs to take care of other kids that are too poor to get the internet and things you need to learn

They need an education too

The world needs to take care of animals when their forests burn

They didn’t do anything wrong

The world needs to take care of each other


by Rae, age 10

The world needs patience

Patience in the car even when you’re running late

Honking doesn’t make traffic go faster

Patience in the playground

The slide and swings will be there tomorrow

Patience in the store

Everyone needs food, just like you

Patience with the virus

Being mad won’t make it go away

Patience in 2020

Next year will be a new year

Let’s be patient everybody