The Write Profile


Happy September, friends!

Educators agree that writing can help young people develop self-expression and reduce stress levels, among other benefits. Moreover, publishing a young person’s work can motivate them and their peers to continue a pursuit of creative and academic excellence. To that end, the Write Profile is thrilled to be featuring our first slate of young writers at the end of this month. Any author 12 years old and younger is welcome to submit a piece of prose or verse that completes the following prompt:

“Being a young person means …”

It is our aim to celebrate each piece that addresses the prompt on The Write Profile website. In turn, we kindly ask that 1) each author submit their piece through their parent or guardian, 2) each author submit only one piece, 3) no piece exceed 300 words, and 4) the content and/or theme of each piece remain appropriate for a young audience. Pieces will not be edited by The Write Profile, and other writers and readers will be able to enjoy the pieces but will not be able to comment on them. Authors will be identified by first name and age.

Please submit work by Wednesday, September 23 to Please include the author’s first name and age. Also, please keep in mind that this is our first foray into spotlighting young voices. In the months ahead, we will adjust the guidelines (i.e., age group and word count) as needed. Feel free to email any questions!