Young Writers Spotlight

Calling All Young Writers!

Happy October, friends!

The Write Profile is thrilled to be featuring our second slate of young writers in November. Any author 12 years old and younger is welcome to submit a piece of prose or verse that completes the following prompt:

“The world needs …”

It is our aim to celebrate each piece that addresses the prompt on The Write Profile website. In turn, we kindly ask that1) each author submit their piece through their parent or guardian, 2) each author submit only one piece, 3) no piece exceed 300 words, and 4) the content and/or theme of each piece remain appropriate for a young audience.

Pieces will not be edited by The Write Profile, and other writers and readers will be able to enjoy the pieces but will not be able to comment on them. Authors will be identified by first name and age.

Please submit work by Monday, October 26 to Please include the author’s first name and age. Feel free to email any questions!

Thank you to all who contributed to our first Young Writers Spotlight! Your responses to the prompt “Being a young person means …” were both thoughtful and insightful. I appreciated how genuine and honest they were and did not alter any piece in any way.

I hope you young poets and essayists continue to see writing as a way to learn more about yourself, hone your self-expression and teach others. More importantly, I hope you continue to celebrate what makes you unique and valuable. Enjoy the work of your fellow authors, check your email for your certificates and see you in one month. (November’s topic will be posted on Friday!)

Finally, I hope the rest of you are as tickled as I was when reading the following pieces. Thank you for spreading the word so that these words may be enjoyed by many. May we all help to build up the indispensable resource that is youth.

— Elizabeth Allison, The Write Profile

“Wherever I Am”

by Carmela J., age 10

Being a young person means playing

In the shimmery lake

Under messy beds

In a soaring tree

Behind the leather couch

In the wet grass

On the side of the house where no one goes

At the hilly park

In the red and blue bouncy house




On the plastic green slide




In the sticky mud

In the bubbly tub

In my head

Wherever I am

“Being Young is Easy and Hard”

by J.R., age 12

Being young can be easy, and it can be a lot of work. Depending on how young you are.

When I was really young and a baby, life was really easy. I could sleep all day and not have any responsibilities. My mom and grandma fed me, and they pushed me in a stroller. I was able to see many beautiful sights on walks like flowers and water fountains, but it did not take effort. Overall, I lived my life without doing very much. But I do not remember it.

When I started elementary school life was still pretty simple. I could run around crazy and play, learn easy concepts like shapes and colors, and make new friends. I did not have to worry about homework or chores. I worried about silly things, like “What did my mom put in my lunch today?” A pretty easy life.

Now that I am almost a teenager life is getting more complicated. I have more to do. There is more homework now. And my parents expect me to help out more in the house. I also have to think more carefully about people I decide to be friends with. I want them to be a good influence on me, so I must choose carefully. And I want to be a good influence on others, so I must pay better attention to what I say and what I do. Mostly, I want to start helping to make the world a better, safer place. I don’t mind new responsibilities, because being young is great, but the older you get the more you learn and are able to have an impact, and that is great too.

“Living in a Bubble”

by Thomas A., age 8

Being a young person right now means you are young during the coronavirus. Being young right now means staying at home. Wearing a mask. Social distancing. Not eating inside restaurants. Not hanging out with friends unless you are really far apart in the backyard. It feels like you can almost not do anything, like you’re almost in a bubble. Can’t hug your relatives. Can’t touch anything.

Being a kid during the coronavirus is the first time I feel like an adult because I can only do what adults can do and they can only do what I can do. At this time even my mom cannot go to Disneyland. And my dad cannot go to the movies. Just like me. This is the first time I feel equal to my parents because the adults and kids in my family have to do the same things.

When the virus is over it will really feel weird going back to being a kid. I almost forget how certain places feel and it will feel weird going back for the first time. Going back to school after all those months off will feel like the first day of school again. But I am really looking forward to it. I want to feel like a kid again.

“What Being Young Is and Isn’t”

by Rae G., age 10

Being a young person means you don’t know about a lot of things, but it also means you know about a lot of things. We are learning every day. Being a young person means you don’t have to worry about a business job, but it also means you have to worry about your planet. We are the ones who have to live in it. Being a young person means your parents watch over you, but it also means you watch over your siblings. We are keeping our eyes on them when they aren’t always paying attention. Being a young person means you are old enough to do chores and homework, but it also means you are not old enough to have a smartphone. We are waiting patiently. (Most days!) Being a young person means you have to sit straight and practice scales over and over, but it also means you can zig, zag and whiz down the street after. We are good at both. Being a young person means you do a lot, but it means you want to do more. We are ready.

“When I was Younger”

by Madison P., age 8

I am eight years old. I love playing on the jungle gym. I love flying through the air and learning new tricks that scare me a little bit until I get really good at them. When I was seven years old I loved playing hopscotch. I loved flinging my body as far as it would go across the blacktop. When I was six years old I loved playing fort. I loved stacking the pillows to try and reach the ceiling and hiding from my dad. When I was five years old I loved playing Play Doh. I loved making mini-pizzas and running a restaurant. I knew it was pretend. I don’t really remember what I played when I was younger. Those younger years are kind of like a dream a little bit. I sort of picture them in my head but only some things. It is crazy that I was alive but can’t remember being alive! But that is what being young is. Being alive.

“Being a Young Person”

by Sophia G., age 12

Being a young person means

Waking up excited for the day

Eating in the kitchen surrounded in chaos

Dressing up in blue polka dots

Walking to school in sunshine

Sitting behind a boy who makes you laugh

Playing in the field until you get muddy

Learning about people who helped make us better

Eating in a room filled with noise and the smell of pizza

Doing math until your fingers get black from dry erase marker

Walking home in sunshine

Doing homework with your big sister

Eating in the kitchen surrounded by chaos

Falling asleep excited for tomorrow

“Being a Young Person Means”

by Liliana G., age 6

Being a young person means








having fun

being happy

“Good Days and Bad Days”

by Victoria D., age 10

Being a young person means good days and bad days.

Last year I would say that being young is easy. But it has gotten tougher. We go to school in our own bedrooms now, and that is not as fun. Sometimes it’s glitchy and the teacher can’t hear us. We can’t really talk to each other during school now. Just before class starts. We need to be careful that we don’t get sick from the virus. And we need to be really careful that we do not get anyone sick. Like my grandpa. We cannot travel very far on vacation and there were not as many things to do in summer. So many places were closed like the playgrounds and the mall. It did not really feel like summer vacation.

Being a young person means adapting. School is online but computers make it easier and I wonder what we would do if we didn’t have them to help us learn. I definitely appreciate having technology when I am young. We couldn’t go far away, but we could still go outside and in the mountains. I appreciate having nature around me. I appreciate it more than before the virus. We visit our family and our friends outside by staying six feet apart, and I appreciate that I have a big yard so we can do these get togethers like that. During summer vacation I played a lot more with my siblings, and I appreciated them a lot more. So being mostly home during the virus was not all bad.

Being a young person means good days and bad days. And the bad days won’t be here forever.

“A Lot of Help”

by Mia D., age 8

Being a young person means that a lot of people help you. Moms and dads help you have a home and food and clothes. Grandmas and grandpas help you have love and help babysit you. Teachers help you have a education. Siblings help you have company. Friends help you have fun.

Being a young person means you can do things that adults can’t do. You can squeeze into tiny areas. So you can play almost anywhere. Adults cannot do that. On vacation days you can play all day. Adults have to work. They do not get to have as much fun. You can read stories and laugh so much. Even when you are quiet if you are reading you are learning and having fun.

Overall being a young person is not too hard because a lot of people help you and life is not too hard working.

“Whoever You Want to Be”

by Victoria S., age 9

Being a young person means using your imagination.

Whoever you want to be.

A magician who shocks his grandpa

A fireman climbing into danger to save his pets from danger

A famous dancer who spins and spins on stage

The fastest runner who wins the gold

A President who never rests. He works all day for the citizens.

The explorer to steer his submarine to the bottom of the ocean

and then hikes to the top of Mount Everest

You’re never tired

You always win

“I Like Being Young”

by S.T., age 5

I like being young. I can just play. I can say what I want. I can laugh. I want to be young forever!!!

“Young and Free”

by Cassie S., age 8

Being a young person means being free. I do not have to worry about going out and getting a job. My job is to be a good student and that is all. I do not have to worry about taking care of a family. My parents and grandparents do that. I do not have to worry about paying for a house or food or cars and things. My mom and dad do that too and we can just play. I am lucky that I am free to play and eat and sleep. I can laugh more and enjoy life more because I do not have as many things to worry about or do. Being a young person is simply awesome. I hope I can be young for a long time.  😊